What is paly.win?

This is a streamlined version of the bloated Paly website. It loads much faster and only includes links which are used on a daily basis.

Why is paly.win necessary?

paly.net is slow to load, unnecessarily convoluted, and difficult to navigate. paly.win fixes all of these problems. It's not intended to be a replacement for paly.net, but simply the site that you use regularly.

Why the name paly.win?

It's short, easy to remember, and hopefully evokes positive emotions.

Where did you get the descriptions for the Paly publications?

From their website. If you're part of a publication and would like to change the description to something reasonable, contact me.

Why do you use system fonts? Why not custom fonts?

Sadly, custom fonts slow down sites considerably. In the effort to make paly.win as fast as possible, I decided against custom fonts and instead employed system fonts (my deepest apologies if you continue to use Internet Explorer). Fun fact - thanks to CSSTricks, this site utilizes the same font stack as Github.

I'm good at coding. Can I contribute?

Sure. I await your pull request.

How do I contact you?

Contact me at hello@paly.win.

Here are some good reasons to contact me:

Who made this site?

paly.win was made by Olivia Chang (class of 2020).