Attendance Policy

Detailed attendance information including student attendance records by course, period and day are available for both students and parents to review through the Infinite Campus Parent/Student Portal.

Excused absenses


1) Health – Absences due to illness, medical appointments, or quarantine.
2) Warranted – These include, but are not limited to the following:

Only parents/guardians can excuse a student’s absence by calling the Attendance Office on the first day of absence. Messages can be left on the answering machine at all times: (650) 329-3711 or

Contacting the Attendance Office

Provide the following information:

Prior approval

Fill out a prior approval form if an absence is known in advance.

1) Obtain a warranted absence (administrator-excused) form from the Main or Attendance Office.
2) Get required signatures (student, parent, teacher and administrator) and return form to Attendance Office 24 hours before absence.

The teacher of any class from which a student is absent shall determine what assignments the student shall make up and in what period of time the student shall complete such assignments. Upon satisfactory completion, full credit shall be granted. The tests and assignments shall be equivalent to, but not necessarily identical to, that which the student missed during the absence. Teachers shall assign such makeup work as necessary to ensure academic progress, not as a punitive measure.

Unexcused absenses

If a student is absent from class for any reason and has not cleared the absence with the Attendance Office, they will receive an automated phone call at home to alert the parent/guardian that they have been marked absent.

The information relayed by the automatic dialer is not necessarily a complete or accurate representation of the student’s attendance activity, nor does it mean that the student has a cut. A phone call by the automatic dialer is a reminder that the absence must be cleared.

Any absence not cleared by the guardian within 72 hours will be treated as a cut.

“Unexcused Absences” include, but are not limited to:

Teacher error

If a student has been marked absent by mistake, the student should have his/her teacher sign a roll sheet correction form (available in the attendance office) and bring it to the Attendance Office so their attendance record can be cleared.