Community Service

What is the President’s Volunteer Service Award?

This is a civil award issued to recognize individuals that achieve a certain number of volunteer hours within a 12-month period. Recipients will receive a personalized certificate, an official pin, and a congratulatory letter from the president of the United States. Students may be awarded multiple President’s Volunteer Service Awards during their time at Paly.

What are the levels of the President's Award?

Although there are multiple levels of this national award, Paly will only award the President's Award at the following levels:

Younger than 16
Older than 16

How do I log community service?

Paly uses to log hours of community service. You can download the app or use the website.

Submission periods for the President’s Service Volunteer Award requests are accepted twice per year, once in the fall semester and again in the spring semester. These submission periods will be announced via Schoology.

The only graduation requirements for community service are the hours completed through Living Skills. There are other classes that may assign community service as part of their coursework.

Volunteer hours earned by a student after promotion from the day after 8th grade promotion until the fall of senior year will be reported on a student’s transcript.